Hospice can be a terrifying word to many people.  Some think that it means there is no chance of a miracle. Others feel that hospice is a place to give up hope, or that it is for those in their last hours or days.  Many people have never had to deal with a loved one that has a serious illness and do not know the next steps to take.  Even some doctors may not fully understand what hospice can provide and may be reluctant to sign their patient’s care over.


Hospice is for patients who have a terminal prognosis which means, if the disease takes its natural course, their life expectancy is less than six months.   However each patient’s disease progresses differently so the length of hospice care can be longer than six months.  Some patients may even stay in hospice for over a year.


CHP Hospice can offer comfort and relief not only the patient but for their family members as well.  Many families do their best to keep their loved one at home for as long as possible.  However, it benefits the patient to enter hospice early as they can reap the full benefits.  Hospice care can provide a peaceful environment while providing for a patient’s specific needs with dignity and compassion.


Knowledge is key when looking into hospice care.  Patients along with their family members should look into every option.  Many do not know that hospice is an option until they begin researching and learning how the process works.  Being well informed and asking questions can help the patient and their families make a smooth transition into hospice care.


Some may learn that their loved one can stay at home and receive care, or they can choose to enter CHP’s inpatient hospice facility. CHP Hospice offers a range of services to provide the best care possible for the patient along with their family. CHP’s hospice team consists of skilled nurses, a medical director, family physician, social worker, massage therapist, personal aides, chaplain, volunteers, music ministry, and pet therapy in some offices. They all work together to strive toward this goal.


CHP’s Inpatient Hospice Centers in Defiance and Van Wert can provide short-term stays for symptom management allowing a patient to return home once symptoms are controlled.  Respite care to allow the caregiver time to rest.  Residential care is available if the patient can no longer be taken care of safely in the home.


There are many myths and misunderstanding surrounding hospice care. The best way to dispel these is to ask questions and be informed as not all hospices are the same. Most families who have experienced a loved one’s hospice journey say it was the best decision, and often wish they’d done it sooner.  CHP hospice can offer an uplifting experience during a difficult time for a patient and their family members.  Simply call one of our local offices for further information or to schedule a consultation to learn more about how hospice can provide positive care.