Support CHP Hospice

Why give to Hospice?

Families often ask, “How can we thank you for your services?” By giving to CHP Hospice you honor the memory of your loved one and help ensure that our services will be available to other families in their time of need. What a wonderful, lasting way to carry on the memory of those we love.

The CHP Patient Care Fund enables us to continue delivering timely care to hospice patients who may be uninsured or unable to cover some or all of the costs of their care.

CHP Patient Care Fund in Action:

  • Made it possible for a 40-year-old who got sick, had to quit his job, and lost his insurance – to receive needed hospice services
  • Many patients have to wait on authorization from insurance to get the care they need, but care needs cannot wait. The CHP Patient Care Fund provides for patient care needs now!

CHP is a nonprofit, 501c3 organization. We strive to be efficient with our funding and work to make the most of every dollar. Your donations and support of our events enable us to continue providing compassionate care to those in our community facing the end of life.

Support a Specific Program

You have the option to specify the program that you wish your donation to go toward. These include:

  • In-Home Hospice – Patient Care

  • Inpatient Hospice – Patient Care

  • Noah’s Ark Fund  – Hospice patient needs (gas cards, restaurant gift cards, comfort items)


Make a Memorial Donation

An acknowledgement will be sent to the family of the person listed in memory of.






You will receive email notification and a written receipt after we receive confirmation of your donation from PayPal. In most cases, you will receive email notification within 1-2 business days.


Thank You!