Paying for Care

A variety of options are available for patients needing home health and hospice care. Our services are covered by Medicare, VA, private insurance, private pay, grant programs, Passport, DODD, and financial assistance through our hospice patient care fund.

CHP doesn’t turn anyone away due to financial need. We work with patients and families with financial and coverage deficiencies to help them get the care required.

Payment Methods


Medicare, Medicaid, and Veterans Administration benefits pay for hospice services. Covered services include clinical visits, equipment and supplies related to a terminal illness for a hospice patient. If there are services not included under your benefits, we will let you know what costs you may be responsible for.


Many private insurance policies cover skilled home health care and most, if not all, hospice services. Coverage for home health care services is also offered with many health insurance policies and Medicare supplement plans. We will contact the insurance provider and notify the patient of any out-of-pocket cost and policy limitations such as copays and deductibles.


Costs associated with living at the CHP Inpatient Hospice Center are not covered by Medicare, or by most private insurance plans. Residential care is needed when a patient’s medical condition is stable, but the patient is no longer able or willing to remain at home. Room and board fees are billed on a sliding fee scale. Our social workers can assist patients and their families to secure financial assistance when needed.


As a nonprofit organization, we strive to work with all patients and families, regardless of financial status. The first thing CHP Hospice will do is assist families in finding out whether the patient is eligible for any coverage they may not be aware of. Barring this, our patient care fund – which is funded through donations and community fundraising events – helps to provide for uncovered costs.

Let Us Help

Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns about what is a covered service.