Inpatient Hospice Care

Comforting Inpatient Hospice

Hospice isn’t a place. However, there are situations when a patient’s home setting is not the best option for hospice care. When this is the situation, inpatient hospice care may become necessary.

CHP’s Inpatient Hospice Center specializes in pain and symptom management with the goal of enabling the patient to return home. Inpatient hospice provides expert, 24-hour end-of-life care in beautiful, comforting surroundings.


Our Hospice Care Center Provides:

  • Short-term General Inpatient Care to manage uncontrollable symptoms, adjust medications, and provide education and support
  • Residential Care for after a patient’s symptoms are controlled. Medicare covers routine hospice services, but there are additional fees for room and board
  • Respite Care is covered by Medicare for up to five days to give family caregivers relief
  • 24-hour nursing care with supportive visits from social workers, chaplains, musician, and volunteers



  • Large, private patient rooms
  • Lounge and dining areas
  • Tours available upon request


Frequently Asked Questions

Inpatient Hospice Center