Danny Mullins of Kenton with one of his home health aides from CHP Home Care & Hospice.

Danny Mullins of Kenton depends on the home health care services he receives daily from CHP Home Care & Hospice.

“I can’t do without them,” Mullins said of the home health aides who come to his home each day. “They’re the most important part of my life. Without them, I can’t do anything.”

Aides from CHP’s Ada office come to Mullins’ home to help the paraplegic man to get in and out of bed, bathe him, transfer him into his wheelchair, prepare his meals, and assist with housework.

“CHP is the most reliable agency to work with,” Mullins said. “If they say they’re going to be here, they’ll be here. They’re very dependable and trustworthy, and I rely on that.”

A pair of home health aides take turns caring for his daily needs. His care is made possible through Ohio’s PASSPORT Medicaid waiver program. It helps Medicaid-eligible older Ohioans get the long-term services and support they need to stay in their homes, rather than enter a nursing facility.