About Us

A Local Agency

CHP Home Care & Hospice is rooted in local communities and a trusted resource for those in need. We’re proud to be a part of the community. Our staff is local – we’re your friends and neighbors!

CHP partners with people, organizations, and businesses to serve the needs of the most fragile; and we rely on the support of our local communities to keep us viable. CHP is guided by a board representing communities from throughout our service area.



To provide comprehensive home health and hospice services
to the people of Northwest/West Central Ohio

Community Involvement

What does it mean to be a community-based home health and hospice organization? It means many things, most important being a true service provider and resource for everyone in the community. It means listening to the community, creating programs and services to meet needs, sharing our resources and spaces, partnering with organizations and businesses, being accessible to all segments of the community, being good stewards of community resources and being supported and guided by the community.

Each CHP office is deeply rooted in their local communities and is an integral part of not only the health care delivery system, but part of the local fabric. We are proud to serve Northwest and West Central Ohio, and look forward to bringing comfort and healing to friends and neighbors for years to come.