1. Adult Day Care gives family caregivers the break they need.

CHP Adult Day Centers in Archbold, Celina, and Van Wert provide a safe and engaging atmosphere where elderly and disabled adults can spend their day.

This care option allows family caregivers to have a break from their caregiving responsibilities while knowing their loved one’s daily care needs are met, while they enjoy activities and socializing with others.

  • “Ellie” is 84 years old and has recently come to live with her daughter, “Linda,” who helps manage her Parkinson’s Disease.  Linda is happy to be a caregiver for her mother, but due to her work schedule, she can’t always be there when her mother needs assistance throughout her day. Ellie comes to CHP’s Adult Day Center while her daughter is at work.
  • “Anthony” takes full care of his wife, “Naomi,” who has recently become more confused in her day-to-day activities. Although she is still full of energy, she needs more assistance remembering to take her medications and she often forgets to eat or use the restroom.  Although Anthony knows he can give wonderful care to his wife, he feels that she would enjoy more interaction throughout her day and engage in some fun activities. Anthony appreciates the break and Naomi loves getting out of the house and going to the adult day center.

2. Adult Day Care helps loved ones remain at home longer.

Whether your loved one is facing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or a different dementia-related challenge, CHP’s Adult Day Centers can help keep them in their own home longer.

The adult day center staff is on hand at all times to assist with any needs your loved one may have, including bathroom assistance, medication reminders, assisting in the transition to briefs, and much more. We also provide transportation to and from our day center.

3. Adult Day Care is affordable.

  • At around $60 – 80 per day, adult day care is the most economical approach to senior care available, even if your loved one is with us every day of the week. In-home care costs between $20 and $24 per hour, which quickly adds up.
  • Assisted living costs about $4,500* per month depending on the facility and the needs of your loved one. *Genworth’s 2021 Cost of Care Survey

4. Adult Day Care provides a higher quality of life for those who are home alone.

Assisting a client with an activity

Seniors enjoy making friends and socializing no matter what challenges they are dealing with. Getting out of the house and exercising the brain and muscles improves mood and blood flow.

Some benefits we see in clients who participate regularly are:

  • Positive mood changes
  • Slow the progression of symptoms
  • Improved social and verbal skills
  • Increased physical and mental activity
  • New friendships
  • Increased appetite
  • Boosted self-esteem
  • Better sleep

“Lydia” is wheelchair-bound and unable to get out like she used to. She misses seeing people. Filling her day with meaningful activities has become increasingly difficult because of her lack of mobility and living alone. Lydia’s daughter lives miles away and worries about her mom every day. As Lydia has become more withdrawn and bored stuck in her home all day. CHP’s Adult Day Center is a great option for Lydia.

5. CHP Adult Day Centers are free to try!

  • CHP offers a free trial stay for first-time clients. CHP Adult Day Centers are open Monday through Friday and we’re flexible, with full or partial stays and transportation available.
  • All adults need mental stimulation, physical activity, good nutrition, and social interaction. At CHP Adult Day Centers, we help seniors
  •  and adults with disability to live life more fully.
  • The quality of life of your loved one is important to us!

CHP Adult Day Centers are a safe, caring, medically-monitored day program. To learn more or to arrange a visit, call us – Archbold (419) 445-5128, Celina (419) 586-1999, or Van Wert (419) 238-9223.