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Inpatient Hospice Centers

Inpatient Hospice CenterMost people wish to live their last days in whatever setting they call home; a house or long-term care facility, surrounded by the ones they love in a setting that is familiar to them. There are situations, however, where the home setting is not a viable option. When this is the situation, inpatient hospice care may become necessary.

CHP Inpatient Hospice Centers in Defiance and Van Wert are state of the art health care facilities providing expert, 24 hour end-of-life care in beautiful, comforting surroundings with plenty of space for family and friends. These 12 bed Hospice Centers enhance end-of-life care in our communities.

About the Hospice Team

  • All hands-on care delivered by nurses highly skilled in end of life care
  • Social services available to meet emotional and psychosocial needs
  • Staffing 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Medical directors provide medical oversight
  • Grief & loss support  

Levels of Care

Inpatient Care - Patients in this category require skilled medical and nursing care due to unmanaged symptoms.  The care is directed at reducing discomfort and controlling symptoms.

Respite Care - This care is for short term stays (about five days) and is intended to give relief to caregivers who will resume home care after the patient's respite stay.

Physicians are encouraged to follow their patients during the inpatient stay. Our hospice physician is available to provide care during the inpatient stay. As always, hospice care focuses on support of the patient and the family providing comfort measures in a comforting, caring environment.

Call Defiance or Van Wert locations for more information.

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Van Wert Inpatient Hospice Center

Defiance Inpatient Hospice Center


"It was because of this wonderful facility and providers that our Mother passed away so comfortably and gracefully."

- Family of CHP Hospice Patient -

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